Saturday, November 14, 2015

For Paris, Make Love Not War, Remain Free and Be Green

Make Love Not War
Be strong and reflect. Islamo-Fascism will not be defeated by Christo-Fascism or a state of perma-war. In the 21st century it is time to reject endless military escalation of the Middle East crisis and understand and respond to the root causes of conflict. Even as we commit to bringing all perpetrators of mass murder to justice, we must be brave and not give up our liberties or commit further war crimes. The West must respond to the rage of societies we have senselessly bombed for decades, yet not committed to truly liberating from Islamo-Fascism. Ecological restoration, sustainable agriculture, birth control, greater equity, and justice – along with international policing, rejecting religious extremism of all types, and a Paris climate treaty – are the only means to heal the Middle East’s and West’s wounds.
“War is murder. Together we must resist all religious, military, and nationalist indoctrination that teaches killing others is just… Oil is a drug and it is utterly destroying both the sellers and users. The current state of oil inflamed perma-war must draw to an end.” – Dr. Glen Barry
Personal essay by Dr. Glen Barry of EcoInternet
November 14, 2015

My sorrow goes out to those murdered and traumatized in Paris, and to the people and societies that feel such sorrow that they carry out these atrocities. First and foremost breathe and reflect: it is absolutely vital that we don’t panic and hastily and reflexively retaliate. Secondly, think of how we as a human family have gotten to the point where suicide bombers feel justified going on a murder spree through Central Paris, or the rich anonymously wage drone based terrorism on the poor causing such a worldview to fester. And lastly, seek to understand how abrupt climate change, ecological decline, and over-population have exacerbated ancient divides, escalating lethal militancy on all sides that threatens to tear down our one shared biosphere.

Liberal democracies must not let Western liberties be further sacrificed because of the madness of murderous thugs. While devastating, keep things in perspective, understanding far more children needlessly die from bad water a day – at least 3,000 – than were killed in the recent attack.

The cycle of escalation in the Middle East must be broken by responding firmly and resolutely with love and compassion, as both the murderous Daesh apostasy and Western imperialist neo-colonialism are eliminated from the Earth. The direct perpetuators and supporters of all murderous acts must be resolutely brought to justice under international law, the West must commit to basic human rights and needs for all (while not committing further war crimes), and ISIS must be liquidated as peaceful political structures are fostered in the Middle East.

War is murder. Together we must resist all religious, military, and nationalist indoctrination that teaches killing others is just. War murders are in service only to evil.

Seek to understand how we got to this point. The Middle East has been wracked by religious conflict for millennia. This volatile situation has been greatly exacerbated by profound inequity and injustice enforced by a medieval theocracy, funded by the West’s addiction to oil, and maintained through decades of aerial bombardment. The end result is that globally the very ecosystems and climate that we all depend upon for sustenance are collapsing. For many there are no homes or habitable ecosystems to return to post conflict.

Has America gotten revenge for 9/11 yet? Fifteen years after 9/11 over a million people have been murdered, the majority of them innocents. At some point we must recognize terrorism as blowback for Western over-consumption and the presumption that we are entitled to a disproportionate share of the world’s resources, including oil, which we are free to pillage to the detriment of all others. Daesh is a creation of failed foreign policy that came to a head with the botched invasion of Iraq by President George W. Bush, and continues with President Barack Obama’s murderous and ineffective drone strikes and persistent bombings.

Oil is a drug and it is utterly destroying both the sellers and users. The current state of oil inflamed perma-war must draw to an end.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Open Letter: Post Keystone Win, Time to End Natural Forest Logging

More old-growth forests have been lost
than the climate and biosphere can bear
An open letter/essay addressed to climate change luminaries Bill McKibben of and Michael Brune of the Sierra Club: After yesterday’s significant yet symbolic Keystone pipeline victory, not only must the climate movement demand an end to old-growth forest logging; it is time to speak of ending all natural forest logging to limit climate change and sustain the biosphere. Together with leaving fossil fuels in the ground, working for an end to industrial logging of natural forests will protect vital old-growth and allow dwindling natural ecosystems to age, recover, spread, reconnect, and sequester carbon in order to avert the worst impacts of climate change while avoiding global ecosystem collapse.
Again, loss and diminishment of terrestrial ecosystems are a critical component of abrupt climate change and is collapsing the biosphere. You both are well placed like few others to do something about it. – Dr. Glen Barry
Earth Meanders essays by Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Bill and Michael,

Congratulations to the climate change movement, and the Sierra Club, and yourselves for stopping the Keystone tar sands pipeline for now. Our own tiny EcoInternet was pleased to play a bit part with affinity actions since the beginning. I am writing once again to raise the issue of old-growth forests – and natural forest ecosystems in general – with you in regard to climate change.

Post Keystone, as the movement gears up to make sufficient demands to limit abrupt climate change and avoid ecosystem collapse, now is the time to address large amounts of emissions from natural forest logging – particularly of old-growth. While producing tar sands results in more carbon than conventional fossil fuel extraction, tar sands still account for less than 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, various estimates place loss and diminishment of terrestrial ecosystems at 20% of global emissions.

This does not mean that tar sands should get a pass, as their emissions may yet grow considerably. But it does mean that at some point the climate change movement – to be successful – will have to consistently and vocally address the loss and diminishment of terrestrial ecosystems. Given their rapid loss and diminishment, efforts to protect naturally evolved ecosystems must ramp up with all haste.

I am writing this letter to plead with you to get the Sierra Club and’s vast resources committed to working for an end globally to industrial scale old-growth forest logging while allowing managed natural forests to regenerate and age. There is no path to global ecological sustainability, which includes limiting climate change, that does not include such a course of action.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

California Wildfires Are Abrupt Climate Change, Ecological Collapse

California is collapsing ecologically
It’s OK America, pop pills and watch TV. Don’t worry about abrupt climate change, environmental collapse, or perma-war blowback from your oil addiction.
“California is a nice place to visit, but soon no one may be able to live there.” – Dr. Glen Barry

Only a couple centuries ago California was mostly covered in lush naturally evolving ecosystems that surrounded and provided ecological habitat for relatively small settlements of Native Americans. Grizzly bears roamed and redwood forests towered. Now the heavily industrialized state is an over-populated ecologically collapsing mess. Remaining tawdry natural ecosystems are surrounded by an endless sprawl of human filth, and the very climate is abruptly changing.

California’s recent drought and wildfire outbreak is an exemplar of what surpassing a bioregion’s carrying capacity and resultant ecological collapse looks like. For decades naturally evolved ecosystems which make California habitable have been treated as resources to be devoured for industrial development. California’s fragmented and no longer connected natural ecosystems have been further destabilized by abrupt climate change and are no longer able to stably provide human habitat.

Everywhere one looks in California one sees over-populated over-consumption, over-development’s destruction of natural ecosystems, and resultant ecological collapse further worsened by industrial emissions. For four years California has been ravaged by a climate change intensified epic drought. In the worst impacted communities, hundreds of households have no access to running water.
California’s drought, a state of emergency since January 2014, has reached unprecedented levels, the worst in recorded history. The state’s mountain snowpack – which provides 30% of California’s water – is at the lowest level in at least 500 years, 5% of its usual water content. Parts of the state have a four-year precipitation deficit of more than 70 inches. 2015 is expected to be the warmest ever recorded.

Ecologists strongly agree that climate change is linked to California’s wildfires. Human-caused warming is clearly contributing to drier conditions, which make forests more susceptible to burning. One estimate is that 20% of the California’s forest trees are sick or have died from the drought. Record heat has increased evaporation and dried out the soil and tinder dry vegetation has become literally explosive. This has caused harsh wildfires as fragmented and sick forest ecosystems are ablaze.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Europe’s Refugee Crisis: Mass Migration is Biosphere Collapse

Mass migration is biosphere collapse
Refugees flowing into Europe and elsewhere globally are the direct result of over-population, ecosystem collapse, climate change, militarism and inequity. Mass migration has the potential to overrun entire societies and human civilization, and even threatens to collapse the biosphere. Migration must be controlled; and refugees and economic migrants assisted to return to productive, sustainable uses of land as close as possible to their place of origin.

First and foremost the mass exodus of refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East into Europe is an ecological disaster. Entire regions have overshot the carrying capacity of their land and water; which has been exacerbated by abrupt climate change, and rising human populations with unlimited aspirations for consumption.

An estimated 60 million refugees were forced from their homes by conflict last year. Nearly one billion people live on less than $1.50 a day, and many if not most would migrate in search of economic opportunity if given the chance. Today alone 12,000 migrants arrived in Munich, Germany.
It is a physical impossibility for Europe and America to house all of Africa, Middle East, and South America’s true refugees as well as hundreds of millions of poor people that want to migrate to a better life. Trying will lead to global ecological, social, and economic collapse.

For all intents and purposes Earth is fully occupied. Thus the nature of mass migration has changed since Europeans colonized the world. There no longer exist large intact ecosystems for refugees to flee to, murder the locals, and cut down natural ecosystems to produce illusory economic progress for a while before moving on repeatedly. We live in a different world that is threatened with global biosphere collapse and we need to adjust our expectations on migration accordingly.

Ecological science knows we have already exceeded numerous planetary boundaries in regard to sustaining a habitable Earth, one of which – as identified by myself in recently published peer reviewed science – is the need to maintain natural and agro-ecological ecosystems across 2/3 of the land, though 1/2 has already been lost. Natural and semi-natural ecosystems that remain are crucial to sustaining local and regional environmental sustainability, as well as the overall well-being of our one living biosphere that makes all life possible.

Earth’s remaining natural capital and thus a livable Earth are profoundly threatened by mass flows of migrants in so many ways. Newly arrived migrants quickly embrace Western style over-consumption (which dramatically reduces remaining natural ecosystems), refugee pathways are strewn with rubbish and nature trampled, and protected ecosystems are routinely violated. Ecosystem loss is thus both cause and effect of ecocidal mass migration.

In the flows of refugees to Europe we are witnessing the bioregional scale ecosystem collapse occurring in Africa and the Middle East as it expands its scope to become a global level ecological disturbance. There is no way the biosphere will be sustained with such large, poverty stricken populations on the move.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Biosphere Collapse: The Biggest Economic Bubble Ever

The global environment collapses as in the pursuit of short-term growth, humanity overruns natural ecosystems including the atmosphere that make Earth habitable. Together we urgently address inequity, climate change, overpopulation and natural ecosystem loss or alone we each face the horrors of economic, social, and ecological collapse.
“Horrendous inequity whereby a few hundred people possess half of Earth’s wealth as more than one billion live on less than $1.50/day is evil incarnate and will kill us all… The human family will only avert biosphere collapse if we choose to live more simply, share more with others, go back to the land, have fewer kids, protect and restore ecosystems, grow more of our own food, end fossil fuels, and embrace social justice and love.” – Dr. Glen Barry

Newspapers are full of disastrous warnings if economic growth does not return to Greece, or if it drops a couple points in China. Rarely in human history have so many been so fundamentally wrong about a matter of such importance as the desirability, and even the possibility, of perpetual economic growth.

The real threat to human well-being is not that there is too little economic growth. Rather, it is that there is too much, and that we have overshot how much growth can occur without collapsing our shared environment.

The industrial growth economy is ravaging natural ecosystems. Stocks of natural capital – including water, soil, old-growth forests, wild fish, etc. – are being pillaged to artificially inflate short-term economic growth numbers.

Modern industrial capitalism’s narrow focus upon GDP growth as a measure of a society’s well-being utterly fails to account for the very real and detrimental costs of liquidating Earth’s natural life-support systems.

Infinite growth on a finite planet is a recipe for disaster. Nothing grows forever and trying inevitably rips apart any system seeking to do so.

Continued ravaging of Earth’s natural ecosystems for short-term growth is the biggest economic bubble ever. Such a short-term, myopic focus upon economic growth can only end in social and ecological collapse.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We Are ALL Mauna Kea: A Sustainable Earth Depends Upon an Indigenist Future

10295789_10206053344285171_3698987057451460139_nHow would you feel if foreigners planned to steal your land to build an eighteen story, eight acre telescope on top your place of worship, burial sites, and water source?! The native re-awakening occurring now on Hawaii may be the single greatest hope for Earth, all her life and peoples. The #WeAreMaunaKea protectors teach us that genocide and ecocide to look at the stars, or carry out any industrial activity, is no longer culturally acceptable. We must all join native peoples out of love standing up for the land, and good-willed people of all races should be welcomed by native defenders. A powerful global indigenist uprising that along with allies ends industrial ecosystem destruction is Earth's last best chance for sustainability and avoiding biosphere collapse and the end of being. We all depend upon sacred lands such as Mauna Kea for the environment within which we live.

By Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet, Honolulu, Hawaii

Long prophesied by native thinkers, Earth is dying. The global ecological system is collapsing under the weight of industrial development. More ecosystems including the atmosphere have been lost and degraded than the biosphere can bear. Concurrently perma-war, injustice, and inequity have hit epidemic proportions and are worsening ecocide and obstructing solutions.
While social movements of many types work on these issues, the forces of ecocide are pernicious, resolute, and massive. To date adoption of solutions including smaller families, leaving fossil fuels in the ground, protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, and transitioning our communities to bioregional sustainability have proven orders of magnitudes inadequate to stop or even impede the surging industrial growth machine's gorging upon native ecosystems and peoples.

11378244_1465638397080213_1324334207_nWe got into this predicament as centuries ago ecological colonialism swept from Northern Europe to wage ecocide on ecosystems and genocide upon other non-European peoples. A deadly blend of capitalism, christianity, and militarism sought to liquidate natural ecosystems for perfunctory consumption by some; defended by rigid institutionalized racial, class, and inequity divides.
Against such a desperate backdrop about the only real hope for Earth and all her life that can found is the resurgence of indigenous thought and action such as that playing out in Hawaii. There on the Big Island brave native defenders have taken a dramatic stand against some of the most privileged seeking to steal their sacred Mauna Kea mountain. In an unjust, inequitable, ecologically collapsing world #WeAreMaunaKea (one of the hashtags on Twitter used by the movement) offers a vision of ecological sustainability and social harmony based upon Aloha 'Aina – love of the land.

#WeAreMaunaKea calls on the Moore Foundation and TMT Hawaii to voluntarily withdraw plans to steal and desecrate native Hawaiian sacred land with an industrial scale telescope. And they do so based upon love of the land and community mobilization in a manner that is applicable to virtually every environmental and social justice struggle. Following in the Gandhian and Martin Luther King tradition of non-violence, their own blend of Kapua Aloha (kindness, love, empathy) stresses bearing witness to ecocide with their bodies, minds, souls, and voices; albeit with a specific Hawaiian flare.
The Aloha 'Aina protectors demonstrate the ecological Earth ethic needed for the human family and our one shared biosphere to survive. A powerful global indigenist uprising that along with allies ends industrial ecosystem destruction of the landbase is Earth's last best chance to avoid global ecosystem collapse and achieve global ecological sustainability.


Mauna Kea is a sacred mountain to native Hawaiians and is vital for pure water on the Big Island. Measured from its base in the ocean, Mauna Kea rises over 10,000 m (33,000 ft), significantly higher than Mount Everest. Mauna Kea dramatically affects wind and weather patterns, and its often snow-capped peaks collect water that feeds the aquifer for Hawaii Island.

There Poli'ahu the Snow Goddess gathers, stores and shares life giving wai (water). So sacred is Mauna Kea that access was limited to only the most reverent of spiritual purposes. Land is sacred to native Hawaiians, and their ancestors believed numerous gods and goddesses inhabit Mauna Kea, and it continues to be revered as a temple. This may appear to be superstitious to some, but it is the basis of a worldview that protected vital ecosystems.

For Hawaiians Mauna Kea is where the sky and earth separated to form the heavens and where the mother and father of the Hawaiian race first met. Mauna Kea holds more than 250 shrines and burial sites and in centuries past its summit was so revered that only high chiefs and priests were allowed to ascend it. The mountain inspires many traditional chants and songs.

11142951_1427795734188857_810880267_nThere are already 12 telescopes scarring the mountain; and the newest, called the Thirty-Meter Telescope, would be 18-stories tall and destroy an additional eight acres of land, and intensify human waste and toxics entering the sensitive ecosystem. Mauna Kea Conservation District Lands are watershed, historic, environmentally and culturally sensitive lands and therefore have special protected status under Hawai'i law. The mountain is home to endangered Hawaiian flora and fauna including the Hawaiian silversword plant, the mamane tree, and the endangered finch-billed species of Hawaiian honeycreeper that lives only on the upper slopes of Mauna Kea.

Sacred lands such as Mauna Kea offer some of Earth's last intact ecosystems and biodiversity required to sustain humanity and the biosphere. While indigenous peoples account for 4% of global population, occupying 22% of land, their ancestral lands hold 80% of remaining biodiversity. The TMT telescope being built against the wishes of native Hawaiians is neo-colonialism, water and land ecocide, and continues the process of turning sacred Mauna Kea into a poorly managed industrial park. Such is the history of the end of the world.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

GREEN LIBERTY is the Antidote to Authoritarian Corporatism and Global Ecological Collapse

Earth is dying
Humanity has so massively overshot planetary ecological boundaries, that already there is an impact upon jobs and consumption; and as a result of diminishing expectations, neo-fascism is rising. It is likely humanity’s cumulative huge demands upon ecosystems, which we seek to prolong at all costs for a huge population base, will collapse the entire biosphere as societies and economies crash. To avoid such a fate we must have fewer children, end fossil fuels, and restore natural ecosystems. Green Liberty – a political alignment of progressive, greens and libertarians that value ecology, justice, equity, and small governments and corporations – is the only pathway within existing sovereignty to achieve global ecological sustainability.
Humanity’s inability to stop destroying nature can only lead to profound human suffering as all known life’s one shared biosphere collapses, falling into nothingness, but not before we undergo an authoritarian corporatist hell on Earth. – Dr. Glen Barry
 Ecological science has known for some time, and I have written and spoken at length, how Earth’s biosphere is collapsing and dying as global ecosystems and atmosphere are overwhelmed by human growth. How and over what time frame biosphere collapse will play out is less known though certain aspects are becoming increasingly apparent as environmental decline progresses. Lack of easily exploitable natural ecosystems to destroy in order to access resources to feed industrial growth has led to a downturn in jobs to fuel highly consumptive lifestyles, and the concurrent rise of political demagoguery and resurgence of authoritarian corporatism (of many types, under many names) to exploit the situation.

Threats to our shared biosphere’s health far exceed abrupt climate change as natural ecosystems which create the conditions for a habitable biosphere – such as old growth forests, soil, water, and oceans – are being pillaged and collapsing. A plethora of emerging science over the last several decades has shown the extent to which key planetary boundaries have been exceeded, leading to a state of global ecological overshoot that can only end in disastrous collapse.

In addition to climate and biodiversity loss already having exceed planetary boundaries, my own peer-reviewed science has highlighted how 66% of Earth’s land must remain as natural or semi-natural ecosystems to sustain the biosphere, though 50% has already been lost [1]. Given Earth is already well beyond her limits, I foresee several trends intensifying including further false techno-solutions and rising neo-fascism, which virtually ensure horrific biosphere collapse, which I will briefly review here. A political re-alignment necessary to achieve global ecological sustainability termed “Green Liberty” is again proposed. I continue to seek funding to complete a long-pending book on these matters.


The global ecological system is collapsing and dying as humanity overruns natural ecosystems and climate. Incautious human growth wantonly spills forth its filth, destroying natural ecosystems, and the very land and air that make life possible, to allow us to go shopping for things we often don’t need, and not everyone can have. Humanity faces a choice between more of the same chimerical techno-fixes to maintain such conspicuous consumption, such as proposals to engineer the biosphere, or to embrace the ecologically rigorous policies sufficient to achieve global ecological sustainability discussed here.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

VICTORY! Walker’s Proposed Wisconsin Great Lakes Mine Perched Above Lake Superior Defeated

EcoInternet led international affinity protests against the mine
(Green Bay, Wisconsin) – Plans for a major Wisconsin iron ore mine perched in the Penokee Hills above Lake Superior have been cancelled [1]. The proposed Gogebic taconite mine had from the beginning been incautious regarding the potential to destroy tribal rice lands, foul the Great Lakes, and rife with corruption. This is a major blow to all-but-announced Presidential candidate Scott Walker, stopping his anti-science attacks upon Wisconsin’s environment for the benefit of out-of-state funders, even as his demagoguery against workers and education continues [2].

“I guess this means my old college buddy Scott Walker will have to give back the $700,000 bribe from his out-of-state backers,” notes Dr. Glen Barry sarcastically. “This is a major loss for Governor Walker’s authoritarian demagoguery, and shows the weakness of his anti-science environmental policies. It shows that when Progressives and Greens unite Scott Walker can be beaten.”

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scott Walker, Authoritarian Anti-Science Demagogue

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is an extreme right-wing authoritarian demagogue whose radical, reactionary policies – including his war upon education – recklessly threaten to destroy America
Wisconsin's Governor Walker is a Demagogue on Education

Definition of DEMAGOGUE. 1 : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has gained minor national political visibility in past weeks, and along with it has come a reckoning for his authoritarian belligerence. In a series of recent gaffes his profound assault upon education – really a shocking indifference to knowledge, science, and truth – has come to the fore.

I knew Walker well in college and have been a constant critic of his after his assault upon me in college, after which he later dropped out in shame. Walker’s cheating and lying in college were a foretaste of his later authoritarian assaults upon workers, the environment, schools, and women and children.

Walker’s “big and bold” agenda ends up to be little more than an anti-science dropout seeking to dismantle any institution or other source of power – be it women, schools, workers or the environment – that stands in the way of theocratic corporate oligarchy. I intend to examine his christian extremist war upon nature, workers, and women at another time. For now let’s see how this college dropout seeks to uneducate a state and a nation, to radically diminish us in his image.

College dropout Scott Walker never cared much for fancy book learning – as shown by his taking four years to complete three years of college before he dropped out. Yet in an overpopulated, inequitable, conflict-ridden, and ecologically collapsing world; education has never been more important.

At a time when technology and science are vital for jobs and environmental sustainability, college dropout Scott Walker is an anti-intellectual demagogue who has cut billions from education and local governments, wants to open up teaching to non-professionals, and for political reasons refuses to comment upon basic scientific principles such as evolution and climate change understood by virtually all educated people for generations.

Successful societies revere their scholars. Not Walker’s Wisconsin, where teachers are "union thugs", research professors are "lazy”, and huge education cuts are being foisted upon the University of Wisconsin system to balance incautious tax cuts made to win reelection. Walker went so far as to surreptitiously seek to eliminate UW-Madison’s vaunted 100-year-old “Wisconsin Idea” mission to seek truth and serve the community, declaring it a “drafting error” when caught. Walker is simply unable to comprehend that there are personal and societal benefits to an educated citizenry that go beyond being trained for a job. Walker's UW policies will weaken educational standards while making college more expensive and ultimately unattainable for more people.

Recently another Marquette classmate of ours called Walker to task for fabricating facts to support his victimization of teachers and assault upon schools. In his well-received speech to the right-wing zealots gathered in Iowa, Walker told of a Wisconsin teacher of the year laid off due to union seniority rules. Scott Walker's laid-off teacher story turns out to be a craven lie, the latest in his long history of falsehoods and cheating to gain power at the expense of teachers and students.

The refusal of far right-wing extremist Scott Walker to maintain funding for education and to accept basic scientific principles threatens us all with a christian caliphate that offers only prayer and the beneficent mercy of billionaires as solutions to pressing social, economic, and ecological crises.

This issue is not just that Scott Walker is a college dropout. His vilification of teachers and professors, anti-science policies, and gutting of public education funding reveal he doesn't value knowledge. Governor Walker has further shown himself in recent weeks to be an uneducated, authoritarian man who seeks to radically destroy schools, workers, women and environment to appeal to the tea party faithful.

Either America firmly resists Walker’s brand of extreme right-wing, anti-intellectual, anti-science politics, or else the nation and world face economic stagnation and growing inequity and social unrest, followed by prolonged international conflict and inevitable global ecological collapse. And it will be because of the dimwit self-fulfilling policies of ignorant despots like Walker. Our one shared global ecological system is collapsing and dying as a new wave of anti-science authoritarianism threatens science-based solutions and thus our very being.

In true McCarthyite form, Walker unsuccessfully tries to 
impeach me and one other person after all those responsible
for misallocating student funds had already resigned
Walker’s continued assault upon Wisconsin education is only the latest false flag fake crisis meant to justify his christian dominionist and corporatist social reengineering. Walker’s sticky sweet demagoguery began in college. There he perfected a pattern of advancing through lies, cheating, and creating false crises and victimizing others. For Scott, Marquette and his classmates existed to be manipulated for his rise to power, and college was not about training his mind or learning. I have written of being assaulted by Walker’s neo-McCarthyism in college in my essay Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Is STILL Unfit for Office. That essay, along with my revelation that Madison's Congressman spoke of child sex tourism, resulted in my political persecution, vile false personal attacks, and flight from Wisconsin.

The funny thing is that Walker had in our later college years apologized to me for using false accusations against me as a political steppingstone, and we had become friends of sorts. I have fond memories of standing arm in arm balancing on a rocking chair sharing a pitcher of beer at a large party as hundreds chortled seeing the rivals enjoying themselves together. I was happy for him when he first became governor, until I saw his old pattern – creating false crises and targeting innocents to amass power – begin to replay itself again and again. I have other recollections to share at a later date.

It is well known that first and foremost college dropout Walker has risen to power by race-baiting, as he manipulates and feeds fears of suburban Milwaukee and right-wing hate radio for black urban Milwaukee. Yet it is not as well understood that in a classic case of demagoguery, Walker has repeatedly won election by skillfully using the envy between upstate Wisconsin citizens without a degree and those college graduates who have better employment opportunities. Having lived in past years in both worlds, I see how he has stoked resentment – not entirely without merit – of the snobbish intellectuals in Madison.

However elitist Madison may be, the fact remains that the path to economic mobility in Wisconsin remains at least a bachelor’s degree and that graduate degrees help. The changing world is more complex than ever before, and college teaches you how to constantly learn and readjust. That is why my friends from high school near Green Bay who never went to college profoundly regret not having done so and are nearly all sacrificing tremendously to put their own kids through college, as they vote for Walker after being falsely made to feel inferior.

Having not run on gutting unions, within days in office Governor Walker threatened to call up the National Guard if unions didn't drop all demands in routine contract negotiations. Walker has threatened to arrest political opponents. This dangerous man has imprisoned singers protesting in the public state capitol and has signed legislation to have the state probe women's vaginas. Walker accepted over $700,000 from an out-of-state mining firm, and proceeded to gut environmental laws to allow his cronies to place the world's largest iron mine in the hills perched above the Great Lakes, which contain 20% of the world's freshwater. Every year Walker’s electoral cheating worsens.

As he did with unions, Governor Walker is again now creating a false budget crisis to further victimize teachers and defund the state's still preeminent but declining university system. He incautiously cut taxes without cutting spending to win reelection and is now balancing the budget by slashing university funding by $300 million, something which he clearly planned. This comes after a nearly billion dollar cut to Wisconsin's education in his first term.

In right-wing extremist Governor Walker's world there is no truth, knowledge, or science; he is only beholden to the voice of god he says he hears in his head – and to donor money.

The message of Governor Walker’s life is that if you embrace my authoritarian anti-intellectualism you too can drop out of college, cheat in elections, gain power, and victimize workers, classmates, women, and children as by night your god whispers the name of your next target. In Walker's Wisconsin there is no governance or minority rights, just electoral wins and autocratically ramming through policy that profoundly hurts those who are less fortunate, while garnering rock-star status and acclaim from your acolytes. And increasing your power; policy is always about more power.

Anti-science college dropout Scott Walker has set out to systematically destroy any institution or individual seeking to limit or balance corporate power. When Earth continues to be ravaged by climate change and ecosystem loss, with our biosphere hanging on the brink of collapse, and while billions live in grinding poverty, America's middle class becomes a distant memory, and perma-war and injustice rage – scientifically based factual and reasoned policy matters more than ever.

It's certainly time that those who benefit from science – such as owners of a cell phone, a computer, or those dependent upon natural ecosystems – learn to respect the process of peer-reviewed discovery of knowledge by highly educated experts who spend their life doing science. Politicians like Governor Scott Walker, who deny scientific truths such as evolution and climate change for electoral gain, profoundly threaten all of our survival. Pandemic response, adaptation to climate change, the need for widespread restoration of natural ecosystems, battery technology to store renewable energy, feeding seven billion people without petroleum, and innumerable other policy matters depend upon a firm grasp of science, something college dropout Scott Walker doesn’t have, doesn’t care about, and doesn't want you to have either.

You can bet your life Asian countries are focused upon education, science, and technology as the engine for their continued well-being and advancement, not undercutting their educational institutions. Unless America leads with continued financial support for unfettered scientific research universities, supported by and drawing upon a widely well-educated citizenry – the cornerstone of America's generations of global leadership – other nations will do so. All nations and their peoples must come together to seek truthful knowledge as the basis for the human family's continued thriving and survival.

I certainly hope that the humiliation Governor Walker repeatedly underwent during his college years – being shunned and losing to a write-in candidate after victimizing classmates in a bogus impeachment, being caught cheating as he ran for student body president, and skulking off as a dropout after being too dumb, lazy, and lustful for power to finish (which I have recounted several times to the media, most recently here and here) – was not the seed of his hatred of education. Frankly, I thought him a better man after having suffered and learned from these indignities, as we all do when we make mistakes and take responsibility for them. I have been proven wrong by his continued and worsening authoritarian intolerance and continued victimization of others for personal gain.

Wisconsin has always been a pleasant (albeit self-satisfied, and parochial) sort of place. But despite our mediocrity, we had a world-class research university that fueled our advancement as a state. I have a master’s degree and PhD from the University of Wisconsin and never saw any lazy professors or wasteful spending. But because of previous gutting of education spending (beginning under Walker's icon, President Reagan), I will almost certainly be paying college loans until I die. The Wisconsin Idea allowed me to spend a lifetime of study on threats to humanity and Earth's survival, enabling me to recently publish a groundbreaking peer-reviewed ecological study on terrestrial ecosystem loss and biosphere collapse (since confirmed by a much larger study in Science) as I worked two other full-time jobs.

Until such time as nuclear bombs are banned
from the Earth, only educated, caring and ethical
people should hold the codes for their launch
I am a product of Wisconsin's schools which have been routinely rated at or near the top in the nation for generations. Not anymore, as America’s Tea-Party Taliban, with prominent member Walker and funded by the Kochs, has seized power and is dismantling Wisconsin’s system of educational excellence. Other earlier types of corporate oligarchy have sought an uneducated citizenry to make autocratic controls more possible, and I believe that is what is happening again in Wisconsin and now threatens America.

Scott Walker is a terrifyingly dangerous man – an anti-intellectual, uneducated demagogue and an egotistic charlatan liar and cheat – bent upon destroying Wisconsin and the nation in the quest to impose his twisted vision on America. Local media have fawned upon Walker, and it is refreshing to see his authoritarian assaults upon education getting the national media coverage they deserve.

As first written by the student newspaper at Marquette over 25 years ago, Scott Walker remains – by virtue of his temperament – "unfit" for office.

Few things are more terrifying than the thought of college dropout Scott Walker engaged in an international crisis with fellow authoritarian Vladimir Putin (a Walker supporter and classmate glowingly compared him to Putin at a recent college reunion). Given Walker's lifelong record of belligerence in pursuit of absolute power, under no circumstances must Wisconsin’s uneducated demagogue have access to nuclear bombs. Trust me, he will use them.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dr. Glen Barry Recalls Scott Walker in College

Pleased to have shared my recollections of Governor Scott Walker's victimizing of classmates in college as a precursor to his authoritarian destruction of workers, women, schools, and the environment in Wisconsin. Dropout governor Scott Walker is a Dangerous Man that must not be allowed to disfigure America:

As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit: Washington Post

Scott Walker’s political ambitions fostered at Marquette: Boston Globe

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Is STILL Unfit for Office - essay recalling dropout Walker in college

VICTORY! Thrilling Rainforest Victory for Karawari Indigenous Cave Art, the Great Nation of Papua New Guinea, and EcoInternet

Dr. Glen Barry led efforts to save ancient rainforest cave art

(Honolulu, Hawaii) – EcoInternet is thrilled to announce that our international campaign to save the ancient Karawari indigenous cave art and adjoining rainforests from mining in Papua New Guinea has been successful. Certainly the exemplary organizing by local residents to resist Australia and Malaysian mining and logging interests was the primary reason plans to mine the area have been dropped for now. Yet several thousand people from 110 countries sending some 238,629 protest emails through EcoInternet are widely acknowledged to have had significant positive impact on the outcome as well.

“EcoInternet specializes in internationalizing local environmental protest, and over the past two decades we have had a hand in saving vast tracts of rainforests globally, particularly in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Virtually every community in rainforest rich PNG is threatened by some deceptive ploy to steal their resources while leaving local peoples destitute. We hope that being based in Honolulu, Hawaii, EcoInternet is better placed to help end this type of ecocidal development in the Pacific once and for all,” explains EcoInternet President, Dr. Glen Barry.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Science Suggests More Land-Based Ecosystems Lost than Biosphere Can Bear

An important scientific journal article published today finds that 66% of Earth’s land area must be maintained as natural and agro-ecological ecosystems to sustain a livable environment. Yet about 50% have already been lost, threatening global biosphere collapse. In describing the paper, author Dr. Glen Barry suggests the Ebola epidemic, California drought, and Middle East revolutions indicate planetary boundaries have been exceeded.

August 5, 2014
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry

Citation: Barry, G. (2014), “Terrestrial ecosystem loss and biosphere collapse”, Management of Environmental Quality, Vol. 25 No. 5, pp. 542-563. Abstract

(Madison, WI) – New science finds that two-thirds of Earth’s land-based ecosystems must be protected to sustain the biosphere long-term. Yet about one-half of Earth’s natural ecosystems have already been lost. The scientific review article by Dr. Glen Barry – entitled “Terrestrial ecosystem loss and biosphere collapse” – was published today in the international journal “Management of Environmental Quality”.

The paper proposes terrestrial ecosystem loss as the tenth ecological planetary boundary (along with climate change, biodiversity loss, and nitrogen deposition which have already been exceeded, and six others nearing the limit). It is proposed that 66% of Earth’s land – 44% as intact natural ecosystems and 22% as agro-ecological buffers – must remain intact to sustain the biosphere. This would require ending industrial primary forest logging and restoring old-growth forests to reconnect fragmented landscapes and bioregions. It is necessary to remain within planetary boundaries to ensure humanity continues to be surrounded by a healthy natural environment adequate to sustain the biosphere as well as local livelihoods and well-being.